LIFE Framework

The LIFE Framework is Australia’s national resource to prevent suicide and self-harm, and the centrepiece of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy. Use the LIFE Framework to shape and guide your program. The Framework clearly outlines six Action Areas which address:

  • evidence-base
  • individual resilience
  • community resilience
  • coordination
  • targeted activities
  • evaluation.
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Suicide: worried about someone? brochure

Are you concerned that someone close to you is considering taking their own life? Would you like to know how to help them stay safe and seek help? This brochure provides useful information about what you can do to help.

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LIFE Fact Sheets

LIFE Fact Sheets provide plain language summaries of key issues and suggest further sources of information and help. They include:

  • 1-9: facts about suicide and suicide prevention
  • 10-14: designing and implementing prevention activities
  • 15: working with communities
  • 16-20: information on some at risk groups
  • 21-23: warning signs and responding to individuals
  • 24: how to respond to your own suicidal thoughts.

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Research and Evidence in Suicide Prevention

LIFE Research and Evidence in Suicide Prevention provides a context for understanding suicide and self-harm prevention, including: evidence of what works; trends and comparison in Australia; outline of Australian and overseas strategies; and emerging issues.

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