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Suicide prevention in GLBTIQ communities

Expert: Sally Morris, LGBTI Health Alliance

Date: June 2011

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Youth bullying and suicide prevention

Expert: Dan Mobbs, Clinical Practice Supervisor of Yourtown

Date: April 2011

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Suicide bereavement

Expert: Sharon Hillman and Phil Riseborough, ARBOR

Date: March 2011

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Suicide prevention education and awareness

Expert: Belinda Clark, LivingWorks

Date: January 2011

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Suicide prevention in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Expert: Professor Abd Malak, Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS)

Date: November 2010

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Project evaluation in suicide prevention

Expert: Alan Woodward, Suicide Prevention Australia

Date: October 2010

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Youth and suicide prevention

Expert: Jo Robinson, Orygen Youth Health Research Centre

Date: September 2010

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Telephone counselling and suicide prevention

Expert: Laura Kennan, Clinical Support at On the Line

Date: June 2010

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Suicide prevention in Indigenous communities

Expert: Professor Ernest Hunter, Health Interactive Technology Network (HITnet)

Date: May 2010

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Media reporting and suicide prevention

Expert: Jaelea Skehan, Mindframe National Media Initiative

Date: May 2010

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Men and suicide prevention

Expert: Professor Ian Webster AO, Australia's leading voice in suicide prevention

Date: December 2009

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