Professional Development

Expert Insights

From October 2011 until April 2014 LIFE Communications held a number of Expert Insights question and answer sessions, giving professionals working in the suicide prevention sector access to the leaders of their field.

Collecting questions around a particular topic, LIFE Communications then passed them on to an elected expert for consideration. The expert responses were then published here on the LIFE website.

Expert Insights 10

Expert: Marc Bryant, Mindframe National Media Initiative

Date: April 2014

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Expert Insights 9

Expert: Jill Fisher, National Standby Response Service

Date: November 2013

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Expert Insights 8

Expert: Commissioner Sam Mostyn, National Mental Health Commission (NMHC)

Date: June 2013

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Expert Insights 7

Expert: Professor Paul Yip, International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP)

Date: March 2013

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Expert Insights 6

Expert: Jack Heath and Sarah Coker, SANE Australia

Date: November 2012

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Live Chat Transcripts

From December 2009 until June 2011 LIFE Communications held a series of live, online text-based chats. These chats were themed around a specific topic and featured an expert from that field to answer questions from the participants in real-time.

Transcripts of the chats were then published on the LIFE website.

Suicide prevention in GLBTIQ communities

Expert: Sally Morris, LGBTI Health Alliance

Date: June 2011

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Youth bullying and suicide prevention

Expert: Dan Mobbs, Clinical Practice Supervisor of Yourtown

Date: April 2011

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Suicide bereavement

Expert: Sharon Hillman and Phil Riseborough, ARBOR

Date: March 2011

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Suicide prevention education and awareness

Expert: Belinda Clark, LivingWorks

Date: January 2011

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Suicide prevention in culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Expert: Professor Abd Malak, Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS)

Date: November 2010

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