LIFE Think Tank Workshops 2016

In 2016, nearly 200 health professionals and subscribers to the Living is For Everyone (LIFE) suicide prevention framework were brought together by On the Line for the interactive workshop series aimed at encouraging knowledge exchange, generating ideas and inspiring those involved in the suicide prevention sector.

One day workshops were held in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide during February and March and the input received from like-minded mental health professionals was overwhelming. 

Each event involved a group discussion on a relevant topic.  We have collated the notes from each session and they are available to download below. 


Take a look at the videos of the Melbourne workshop which took place on Wednesday 2 March 2016.   

Keynote Speaker, Professor Jane Pirkis from the University of Melbourne presents on "Suicide and the Internet"

Group Discussions - Workshop participants were asked "What are the main issues/barriers facing your organisation? How can we work together to address these?" 

Panel Discussion - panel members were asked "How can we use technology to assist in youth suicide prevention?"

Kristy Platt from the Hunter Institute of Mental Health presents on "Talking about suicide: Supporting safe and responsible reporting of suicide in the media"