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Mindframe is the Australian Department of Health's national strategy for promoting responsible and accurate reporting of suicide and mental illness in the media. If you are a journalist, make sure you have a copy of 'Reporting Suicide and Mental Illness - a resource for media professionals'

Mindframe can also assist journalists to prepare responsible stories about suicide and suicide prevention and provide talent for media. See the expert comment section of their website for further details.


The following stories from the last six months cover suicide and/or self-harm. To share your opinion of these stories and discuss reportage of suicide and self-harm in the media, visit the LIFE discussion forums.
Culture is key to tackling suicide epidemic, elders say
14 April 2014, The Age
Indigenous elders should be put in charge of arresting an epidemic of youth suicide in Aboriginal communities, according to a report to be released on Tuesday. 
Suicide: the disclosure dilemma
11 April 2014, The Conversation 
In my time as a public hospital psychiatrist, I’ve seen many suicides. It is the most common cause of death for those aged under 45.
Bad news: negative Indigenous health coverage reinforces stigma
2 April 2014, The Conversation
Think of Aboriginal health and you’ll probably recall messages of large gaps in life expectancy, increasing rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and asthma.  
A different approach to suicide prevention
31 March 2014, Canberra Times
We need people to seek help before ending their lives. In fact, we need people to seek help to stop them ending their life. 
Suicide, HIV and infant deaths soar in post-crash Greece
21 February 2014, The Conversation
A health crisis in Greece brought on by national austerity measures has driven up cases of HIV, suicide, major depression, and infant death, and left hundreds of thousands locked out the health system altogether, according to a report. 
Heatwaves linked to an increase in Australian suicide rates
18 February 2014, The Conversation
Not many people realise that extremes in temperature can have an effect on our mental health. 
Help each other survive through tough times
18 February 2014, The Chronicle 
During drought, financial pressures, animal welfare concerns, long days and strained relationships all combine to place a staggering amount of personal stress on our primary producers. 
Duo turn son's suicide into help for others
8 February 2014, Perth Now 
The loss of their teenage son to suicide shook Jim and Alex Paterson to the core. 
Indigenous over-represented in suicide rates
3 February 2014,
 The outgoing Mental Health Commissioner says the state's Indigenous population is over-represented in the suicide rate.
Former police call for more to be done to address suicide rates in the force
22 January 2014, PM - ABC Radio 
Two former police officers who have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder say more needs to be done to address suicide rates in the police force.  
Coronation Street shows it's time to grow up about how suicide is portrayed on TV
21 January 2014, The Conversation
The media's role in the representation of suicide is a sticky topic, with a sticky history.  
Suicide causes for gays to be explored
18 January 2014, Sydney Morning Herald
Griffith University researchers are performing extensive research to find the causes of suicides among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities. 
Youth suicide on the rise
10 January 2014, Sydney Morning Herald
Teenage suicides in Queensland in 2012-13 were at the highest level for almost a decade, a new report shows.
Suicide rates of gay people too high a price to pay, says Governer-General Quentin Bryce
26 November 2013, The Age
 Governor-General Quentin Bryce has spoken out about the high suicide rates of young gay, lesbian and gender diverse people, saying their deaths are "too high a price to pay".
Suicide: how to talk to someone about it
14 November 2013, The Age
A new website is being launched on Thursday that gives people practical tips for having conversations about suicide.
Breaking the silence over suicide
11 November 2013, The Age
 Annette and Stuart Baker's 15-year-old daughter Mary died by suicide in March 2011. 
Miner relationships impact suicide
11 November 2013,
 Male miners with relationship problems are at greater risk of suicide than other men. 
Debate surrounds headspace model of mental health services
10 November 2013, The Age
 Australia's new model of early support for youth at risk is dividing mental health experts.
Helping hand saved teen from living nightmare
10 November 2013, The Age
When Cassie Millar was a terrified teenager running home from school to escape the bullies, slamming the front door behind her didn't end the torture. 
Extreme family violence: trying to understand murder-suicide
7 November 2013, The Conversation
While shocking public incidents of this nature can become the “face” of murder-suicide, the reality is that murder-suicide takes many different forms. 
Expanding headspace raises concerns
20 October 2013, Sydney Morning Herald

The overseas expansion of headspace, the youth mental health service, has prompted claims Australia's $420 million investment in early intervention is an untested ''hopeful experiment'' corporatising the treatment of mentally ill young people.