FAQ/Tech support

How do I find a library item? 

To find a library item you can enter the library via main site navigation menu.  Then choose a section (e.g. Australian research) and browse by catetory (eg Indigenous). To search the LIFE Library, click on the Library search button on the right side of the top menu. To search by title, type the title of the item in the Subject/Topic field, then press the SUBMIT button.

How do I review an item in the library? 
To review a library item, go to the library entry you wish to review and use the review link at the bottom of the entry.

Who is eligible for the Professional Development Network?

Anyone working to prevent suicide and self-harm may eligible for the Professional Development Network. LIFE Communications reserves the right to deny or revoke membership at any time.

What is a discussion forum?
A discussion forum is a web application used to post user-generated content. It allows members to contribute to topic-focussed discussion and read posts from fellow members. The LIFE discussion forum consists of three tiers: ‘forums’, ‘threads’ and ‘posts.’ Members of the Professional Development Netowrk can write and submit posts, which will appear on the forums instantly.

What is a post?
A post is the term used to describe a single entry in the discussion forum.

How do I make a post? 

In order to contribute a post, first select the forum you wish to visit, such as General, Living Is For Everyone, Research and Evidence, Events, Projects, Partnerships and Interest Areas. In the selected forum you will see a list of threads relevant to that forum. Choose the thread you wish to read or contribute to and you will see a list of posts submitted under that topic. Follow the ‘add post’ link to write your own. Consider your post carefully for its spelling, formatting and content, because you will not be able to edit it once your post has been submitted.

How can I add a thread?
Forum users are only permitted to add posts. Suggest a thread by emailing LIFE Communications.