LIFE Communications

LIFE Communications is a National Suicide Prevention Strategy project managed by On the Line on behalf of the Department of Health. The project aims to improve access to suicide and self-harm prevention activities in Australia through the promotion of the LIFE resources and website; and improve communication between suicide prevention stakeholders in Australia. This is achieved by providing access to a range of resources and research, including the latest information from National Suicide Prevention Strategy (NSPS) projects

LIFE Communications aims to build networks in suicide prevention between key stakeholders such as academics, researchers, health professionals, service providers, community leaders and policy makers. This is achieved through a range of strategic and targeted communication activities. The LIFE website is the primary medium of communication. It provides the latest research on suicide, news on developments in the NSPS, as well as opportunities to discuss issues and share knowledge, resources and information. The website also provides a dynamic and accessible forum of interaction, independent of stakeholders’ geography, resources and time constraints.

The project team promotes stakeholder use of the LIFE Resources, making it easy for them to access relevant information and apply it to their suicide prevention work. 


  • Stakeholders have access to the Living Is For Everyone resources 
  • Stakeholders have access to the latest information, activities and resources in suicide prevention 
  • Stakeholders contribute their learnings and draw on each other’s expertise 

Contact the LIFE Communications team via the contact us section. 

National Suicide Prevention Strategy

The National Suicide Prevention Strategy (NSPS) is an initiative funded by the National Action Plan on Mental Health. The focus of the NSPS includes people of all age groups and those identified as being at high risk. These include young men, rural residents, the elderly, people with substance use problems, prisoners, rural communities, people with mental illnesses, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

National Action Plan on Mental Health

In July 2006 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to a National Action Plan on Mental Health. The plan sets specific policy directions for action that emphasises coordination and collaboration between government, private and non-government providers. 

The National Action Plan on Mental Health focuses on:

  • promotion; 
  • prevention; 
  • early intervention; 
  • improving mental health services; and 
  • providing opportunities for increased recovery and participation in the community including: 
    • employment; 
    • more stable accommodation; 
    • better coordinated care; and 
    • building workforce capacity.
Suicide prevention projects

The National Suicide Prevention Strategy funds a number of projects on both a National and local/regional level. The projects, which operate in a range of settings, use population-based approaches with an emphasis on community capacity building. More information on projects currently funded under the NSPS can be found here.