Living Is For Everyone (LIFE)
A suicide and self-harm prevention resource

Designed for people across the community who are involved in suicide and self-harm prevention activities, the Living is for Everyone (LIFE) website provides a practical suite of resources and research findings on how to address the complex issues of suicide and suicide prevention.

By providing Australia’s national framework for suicide prevention, The Living Is For Everyone (LIFE) Framework sets a strategy for action, guiding activities aimed at reducing the rate at which people take their own lives.

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LIFE News Update: On the Line to cease delivery of the LIFE project

As of 30 June 2017, On the Line will cease to deliver the Living is for Everyone (LIFE) project. Originally aimed at improving access to suicide and self-harm prevention activities, as well as improving communication between suicide prevention stakeholders in Australia, the LIFE project will continue to be delivered by The Hunter Institute of Mental Health.

Primary Health Networks (PHNs)

In November 2015, as part of its response to the National Mental Health Commission Review of mental health programs, the Government announced a renewed approach to suicide prevention through the establishment of a new National Suicide Prevention Strategy; with a systems-based regional approach to suicide prevention led by Primary Health Networks (PHNs).

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Framework For Prevention of Suicide